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3Commas Guide

There are a lot of strategies you can employ. However, there are a few golden rules to follow to make sure this the best signal system you’ve ever tried.

  1. Multiple DCA’s up to total of 6-8%. You can run different strategies that we will discuss in a bit. DCA’s for us is not really a safety measure but a way of being able to increase trading capital and increase our gains.
  2. No SL. You might ask if we are crazy but we aren’t. SL’s actually will lock in any downtrends. Our script is designed to bounce up and sell. With DCA settings done, we have a 95% win rate. Out of the 5% losing trades, most losing trades will be under 2%.
  3. Calculate how many concurrent trades / max orders you can have. I suggest to only make it about 30%-40% above your total capital. For example, let say you have set 5 max orders and you have 1BTC. When you look at the “Max amount for bot usage” on the right side of your bot settings, it should be max 1.4BTC. You can play with these settings as you feel fit.
Martingale Strategy

Martingale Strategy basically is a double down strategy. If you are down -1.5% and your DCA hits, you will double your invested total while reducing the red figure to -0.75%. This way, your climb to green is shrunk by half.

Recommended Max Active: 3 or 4 (3 being conservative and 4 being aggressive).

8 DCA Strategy

A more conservative setting than the Martingale, it has more DCA’s but less invested on each step.

Recommend Max Active Deals: 4-6 (4 being conservative and 6 being aggressive)

Trailing Take Profit Strategy

Take profit and Trailing take profit settings is up to you. You can use it or you don’t have to. We provide sell signals (through the script) to close the open trade. However, if you would like to use take profit, we recommend using a trailing take profit setting. Our trades are usually 1-5% with about an average time of 8 hours to complete. Take that into consideration before setting up your TP or TPP settings.

You still would have to use DCA’s and no Stop Loss!

Sell Signal Strategy

We send sell signals regardless of if you set Take Profit or not. However, if your deal is already in Trailing Take Profit mode, it will disregard the sell signal. If you want to use the sell signal, set theĀ TAKE PROFIT setting to 50% or higher as there is not a huge possibility of a trade going over 50% in a one candle setting.

You still would have to use DCA’s and no Stop Loss!

In general, a lot of users have their own creative strategies but all of them employ DCA’s and no Stop Loss. I have seen many subscribers show me their strategies and winnings and some are just eye popping. You can play with strategies and come up with your own. However, if you are new, play with the suggested strategies above until you identify the pattern of the trades.

If you want me to review your settings, please contact me at @kotarosan on Telegram.